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Surfing in Morocco

Riding a wave is a magical moment. Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced rider looking for the best spots to surf, we can help you out. The Explora surf schools in Essaouira and Dakhla offer daily surfing lessons that will enable you to capture the feeling of being on top of the world as you stand up and take your first wave.

There are few better surfers’ playgrounds in the world than the sun-kissed shores of Morocco, where the wind and ground swell from the Atlantic whip up a variety of sizeable waves that attract pros and beginners year after year. Our experts know all the secrets of the surf and are here to share their wisdom with you.

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Surfing Lessons & Sessions

We run courses every day for beginners on Essaouira beach where the milder conditions of the ends of the sweeping bay are ideal for those starting out on their surfing adventure. For the more intermediate riders, we offer private tuition and trips to the great local spots of Sidi Kaouki, The Cave, Imessouane and Taghazout.

If you’re looking for a greater challenge, La Grotte (The Cave) is a haven for the more professional surfer. The spot is a reef break and the waves can be big and powerful right handed tubes. The conditions also buck the usual trend of subsiding as evening and night sets in. It is roughly 10 miles from Essaouira, but anyone wanting to push themselves at surfing whilst in Morocco will find this is the perfect place.

Dakhla is mostly known for kiting due to the huge expanse of lagoon, however the ocean swell brings some great waves. The swell in the Atlantic runs down the whole coast of Morocco. The surfing in Dakhla is one of the best kept secrets. So if you want perfect barrels in uncroweded waters then Dakhla is a great choice.

We run daily surf lessons throughout the winter, as well as week long surf camps in Dakhla.

If you just want to practice and have fun on your own you can rent all the equipment from us and we are on hand if you need any hints and tips.

Swell size is at its lowest during July and August and peaks in January, February, March, April, November and December.

So what are you waiting for? Book your lessons today to join the community and master the waves.

Surfing rentals:
25 euros per day
Surfing lessons prices start from:
30 Euros
80 Euros
100 Euros
120 Euros
Surf Adventures prices start from:
40 Euros
120 Euros

Surf Spots Around Essaouira

Essaouira Beach
Great if you are just starting out on your surfing journey or an intermediate surfer. The beach has a soft sand bottom is best at high tide with light north wind. The entire bay is protected by the Isle de Mogador and spans a full 180 degrees. Where you surf depends on the swell size. When it is big you surf nearer to the port and when it is small you go to the other end of the beach near the lighthouse.

Safi Beach
Our favourite place to surf in Essaouira. It’s located on the other side of town from the bay and there are two spots; the first is a left that breaks in front of the abandoned factory at the beginning of the beach. The second is the main beach with lefts and rights located further north. Safi Beach is tricky with sand and rock bottoms so be careful. Both spots are best from mid to high tide.

Sidi Kaouki
A long sandy beach provides ideal conditions for intermediate to advanced surfers, the spot offers fabulous long waves and is best when the wind is light and the tide is high.

The Cave/La Grotte
The Cave/La Grotte boasts the biggest waves in the area and is approximately 10 miles from Essaouira on the road to Sidi Kaouki. When everything else is closed and windy the waves will still be working well here. It is best accessed by 4wd, but you can also drive to the little village near the Cap Sim Lighthouse and walk.

Imessouane (100km south of Essaouira)
Imessouane offers a great experience for all level of surfers. There are two main spots to surf:

The Cathedral
Starting on a beach break with several right and left peaks, and ends on a reef which provides a perfect break (left handed). Good at high tide or mid-high tide when the swell is less than 5/6 feet, and the point at low tide when the swell is over 5 feet.

The Bay
This is the most popular spot of Imessouane. The sand banks make it perfect for beginners. The surf here is best at low tide, with a right handed break that starts at the harbour and ends at the hills for a 600 meters ride!