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Kitesurfing in Morocco

Combining the passion for the sea and the thrill of the extreme, kitesurfing is the world’s fastest growing water sport. It is truly exhilarating, and importantly, easier to learn than other water sports. From the moment you launch your first kite and feel the power of the wind and the joy of being on the sea, you will be hooked. At Explora we offer a broad range of kitesurfing lessons in Essaouira and Dakhla, from a beginner taster session, through to a week-long intensive package. We also offer 2-hour progression lessons to help you improve or learn a particular manoeuvre.

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Kitesurfing lessons and session details

We run private kitesurfing lessons, semi private lessons or group lessons. A group lesson will have a maximum of 4 people to ensure you still get plenty of 1-1 time with the instructor. The semi-private option is normally chosen by friends and couples who want to learn together. Private lessons are just you and the instructor so it is the fastest way to progress and learn.All our instructors are fully IKO and VDWS qualified and all our equipment is brand new each year. We provide everything right here in Essaouira. All you need to bring is yourselves, your swimwear, a towel and sun block. For the first lesson we would advise you also bring your sunglasses.

The wind conditions in both Essaouira and Dakhla are one of the best in the world, with constant winds hitting the Moroccan coast from April through to the end of October. Wind speed is between 20 - 30 knots throughout the summer. Dakhla gives you the opportunity to progress and learn on a huge lagoon, as well as head to the ocean and the waves for the more experienced riders.

Essaouira offers you a huge expanse of beach, giving you space and freedom to learn. If there are 20 kites on the water it is a busy day.

Kitesurfing Lesson Details
On the beach, flying a 2 line kite, understanding the wind, wind window, theory and safety.
Flying a 4 line kite, understanding how to set up a kite, launch and land successfully, understand how to handle the kite and move in and out of the power zone. Body dragging in the sea, soft body dragging and power body dragging up wind.
Water Start – with the board and the kite, experiencing your first ride.
Riding with confidence, looking at extending your ride, your stance, how to ride up wind and your first jumps.
Progression honing your style and moving forward to perform basic and more complex wakeboard manoeuvres.
Kitesurfing Prices Start From
60 Euros
175 Euros
285 Euros
330 Euros

Kitesurfing rentals

We also offer rental by the half day to proficient kite surfers from 35 Euros.